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After the Rain comes Sunshine


Bringing with it beams of hope and warmth.......                                                                

Having just come back from a small walk after it stopped raining and noticing the sun beeping out from behind the clouds it made me reflect a on the conversation I had just had with my thinking partner. 

I’ve been having a few challenges and a few knock backs which combined with a few health challenges too has taken lots of energy to keep me optimistic and focused on the possibilities and potential that these might bring and at times I’ve not been my normal resilient self. 

Previously my strategies in life have been to ‘sort it out myself’ and I know that is not always the most helpful way. So, I reached out and shared a few of my feeling with others – just dropped a text with a few clues (not that i was aware i'd dropped a few clues) about how I was feeling and didn’t think any more of it, in fact I got on with some task. Before the end of the day both of those people had given me a call and explored what was going on for me, listening and helping rebalancing the pictures i had in my head about certain events. 

I also sent an email to my thinking partner, a fellow trained thinking partner who I met whilst training with Nancy Kline, of whom we were extremely privileged to have the opportunity to be developed by. My appreciative thinking partner became someone in my life who, although miles away, I know will make time for me if I want to think something through with her, when we attended the training with Nancy it gave us an opportunity to connect and understand each other and it became a relationship of mutual respect and support and we share similar values about personal development. 

While on the walk I reflected on the conversation I had had and what I’d shared and how her ability to listen, reflect and then pose a thoughtful and caring question helped me clear the mist and release some of those emotions that might be holding me back. Her own... Read more...

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