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Bradley Wiggins - the ups and downs


I found myself watching Bradley Wiggins The Road to Rio the other night on Sky and was taken by his story. Here was an eightyear old boy that didn't go to a particularly great school, definitely had poor sporting facilities but loved to cycle and his whole day was focused on being able to get on the bike and the track. The pure pleasure of cycling pulled him in. 

At the age of eleven he wrote an essay in an English exam about how he was going to win an Olympic medal, what did the teachers do......inspire him, encourage him? Sadly not they laughed at him. Thank goodness Bradley was made of tougher stuff than to let their reactions question his ability and purpose.

We see Bradley winning his first Olympic medal at the age of 20 as part of the cycling team. what most of us know is that he has continued to have success with his Olympic performance and the Tour de France which elevated him in the lime light and becoming an inspiration to other youngsters.

What isn't so widely known is that Bradley suffered from depression often after his Olympic successes. The effort and dedication he put in to achieve his vision of winning another medal, after the initial elation and recognition of the achievement had faded, became his downfall in a way. He found it difficult to focus on the what next, he spent lots of time alone out on his bike and became depressed.

The programme didn't explain what helped him through these difficult times, however what we do know is that he come through them and was able to get himself back up to peak performance mentally and physically again to be successful in his next challenge.

He also had the difficulty of not being supported by Sky to be the main rider in the Tour de France following his win previously, this must have been an absolute blow.

What we've seen in more recent years on his road to Rio is that he has thought beyond himself and the medal and has started to think about his legacy, how does he wish to be remembered, how can he... Read more...

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