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Mindful Moments

I have currently been convalescing from an operation and during this time it has enabled me to reconnect with mindfulness.

We recommend mindfulness with the clients that we work with who are stressed, anxious, feeling overwhelmed or exhausted from their busy lives. My colleague Elaine is trained in mindfulness and has recently been on a 7-day mindfulness retreat. I tend to connect with it every so often in various ways struggling with the challenges that many of us have of trying to fit mindful moments into our bust schedule.

Before I share my more recent experiences while I’ve been recovering, lets reconnect with what we mean about mindfulness and the recent research around its benefits.

Our definition that we use in our Optimal resilience model is

"The ability to proactively notice and pay attention to your personal well-being in a non-judgmental and compassionate way and take the required actions to address it."

"Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally" Jon Kabat-Zinn

"Mindfulness is a way of exercising your ability to pay attention: when you can bring focus to something, the critical thoughts quieten down. It’s about being able to focus on the inside, being able to stand back and watch your thoughts without the usual commentary on them." Ruby Wax

Or her other definition is "noticing your thoughts feelings without kicking your own ass while your doing it" 

The threads here being noticing what’s going on with you and accepting whatever it is without judgement. You might think the noticing part is the tricky bit to learn how to do, I would suggest that learning to be non-judgemental about yourself and being kind and compassionate to yourself in the moment is just as hard for some of us.

Some of us are quite hard on ourselves thinking we need a good talking to get us motivated or deal with our sadness and upset. Being non-judgemental is about accepting that this is how you feel and... Read more...

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When 2 became 1 - Job Share Team Coaching

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Team coaching can support different types of teams, we used that approach to support a new senior leadership job share. Following the bringing together of 2 CCG's it was also decided that the Leadership would change too. The clinical chair from Darlington CCG wished to explore a future career in the NHS management structure and the current chief officer of the Hartlepool and Stockton - on - Tees wished explore the opportunity to reduce her hours to be less than full time.

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The Potential You Have, The Inspiration You Need

At Natures Coaching we believe that to succeed you need to maximise your people performance and leadership strength. We inspire individuals to grow and enhance their performance to reach their potential for success, generating space and time to think more effectively thus enabling others to find better quality solutions. We do this with teams and organisations as well as individuals.

We work in partnership with companies and individuals who are serious about improving performance and personal development. The strategic coaching we provide will add value to an organisation by creating focus and enhanced leadership, improving motivation and accelerating performance. Every intervention we develop and deliver is influenced by emotional intelligence and positive psychology as we believe these to be fundamental in the success of individuals. 

Working alongside businesses and organisations, we support them in identifying their key areas for people development. Ensuring alignment with their business strategy and objectives. Having accomplished this, we then help them to create bespoke development and training solutions as well as offering individual executive coaching.

We often work closely with our clients to support them in their Organisational Development work or when they require L&D  specialists, helping them to develop their strategy, working on specific projects or giving general guidance. Read more...