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De cluttering to make way for the new







In a recent coaching session a client referred to herself decluttering her house of books and old paperwork and how it was making her feel that she was getting ready for a new future.

We then used this metaphor of decluttering to help explore what decluttering other aspects of her life might include; decluttering her behaviours, decluttering her emotions, decluttering relationships as well as other physical things in her life. 

When we are wanting to change things in our lives we often don’t think about how we need to make room for the new things. Yes, if we buy a new piece of furniture we might have considered what needs to go to make space for the new piece, but when we are considering behaviours or emotions we don’t think about things we might need to let go of to make space for the new.

My client for example was wanting to build new friendships in preparation for the next phase of her life that would allow her to be nearer to home. Building relationships and maintaining relationships takes energy and time, often in a positive way, but it still fills space in our lives. For those relationships we have that are further afield we need to be conscious in what we need to do to keep them alive and meaningful. 

Another client was becoming so stressed trying to keep the communication up with all her friends as she had so many and felt that every time they dropped her a text or what’s app message she needed to respond immediately. This pressure was so strong  that she wasn’t then enjoying the time she had when she was with others,  as she was being so responsive to the need to communicate electronically rather than enjoying the moment of just being with others.

The question that we explored was with who did she want to build stronger friendships and what would need to happen for her to be able to do that?

For both these clients and with myself recently I have recognised that if I want to have different relationships then I need... Read more...

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At Natures Coaching we believe that to succeed you need to maximise your people performance and leadership strength. We inspire individuals to grow and enhance their performance to reach their potential for success, generating space and time to think more effectively thus enabling others to find better quality solutions. We do this with teams and organisations as well as individuals.

We work in partnership with companies and individuals who are serious about improving performance and personal development. The strategic  executive coaching we provide will add value to an organisation by creating focus and enhanced leadership, improving motivation and accelerating performance. Every intervention we develop and deliver is influenced by emotional intelligence and positive psychology as we believe these to be fundamental in the success of individuals. 

Working alongside businesses and organisations, we support them in identifying their key areas for people development. Ensuring alignment with their business strategy and objectives. Having accomplished this, we then help them to create bespoke development and training solutions as well as offering individual executive coaching.

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