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Alex's story - lessons in taking time for self care


Thank you to Alex, a NHS Graduate Management Trainee who joined me on a session with the new intake of trainees and bravely shared her story about what she'd learnt about the need to be aware of your wellbeing and how she has put things into place to help her wellbeing which has positvely impacted on her performance on the scheme. Alex shares her story which is a great reminder to us all about the things that help our wellbeing and the benefit of taking time to put these aspects into our lives. 

My name is Alex, and I’m currently a second-year trainee on the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme. Here are my reflections form my fisrt 18 months of being on the NHS graduate scheme and what I’ve learnt about the importance of selfcare and looking after my wellbeing so I can be of my best at work. 

So just as a very brief introduction, I’m an informatics trainee. I did my first 12-month placement at Lewisham and Greenwich Trust in London, where I was working as an analyst on the business intelligence team. I’m currently based in the Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries Unit at the DHSC, primarily working in change management, and in a couple of months, I’ll be moving to the improvement analytics team at NHS Improvement as a project manager.

The main goal of this is just to give you an idea of some of the real life challenges that trainees face, or anyone that starts a new role, and through sharing my story and my insights I hope it helps you take time to consider what you might need for your wellebing. I want to focus on three broad areas of challenge, and solutions that myself and other trainees have found useful in facing the challenges in those areas. The three areas are work and academic stress, social isolation, and finding a healthy work/life balance. 

  • Work and Academic Stress

To start with work stress, for many of us, we came into the scheme from a completely different field, starting from scratch, and getting thrown in... Read more...

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