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Coaching Conversations In The Workplace - Guest Blogger Louise Wembridge

In our recent work with RedEye, it reconnected me with the importance of managers learning how to have coaching conversations. Coaching is often thought of as a ‘formal’ meeting that takes place between a Coach and an individual. This clearly can be the case in many organisations who employ either external Executive Coaches or train Managers internally as Coaches.
However for those organisations wanting to develop more of a coaching culture, or wanting to support individuals to develop and grow then equipping Managers with the skills to use on a day to day either formal or informal basis can be really powerful.

Excellent training allowing for practice and learning

The benefits of Managers adopting a more non directive rather than directive style are numerous: developing direct reports to think through issues for themselves rather than waiting to be told; giving them more ownership and responsibly; helping them feel valued; building their confidence in their abilities; helping them to fulfil their potential; building capability within the organisation and succession planning.

This is not to say that a coaching approach is always appropriate – sometimes a more directive approach is necessary e.g. with a direct report who is inexperienced or underperforming. However many manager’s ‘default’ style is more directive and they are therefore missing out on the opportunity to enable employees to operate at a higher level, which in turn will positively impact on the role’s they’re doing.

Coaching is about fulfilling potential, maximising performance not only of individuals but of the whole organisation. So there is also a real commercial purpose in encouraging managers to adopt more of a coaching mindset. The managers at RedEye, where creativity and stimulating new ideas is really important in helping them keep a head in the digital world, could see that their new coaching skills were going to help... Read more...

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Optimal Resilience Development Programme - NHS Graduates

Natures Coaching featured testimonial

Context The graduates join a 2 year scheme that has been competitive to join and requires a level of resilience to support them in the challenges they face during their two / two and half year programme. They are supported nationally on leadership development and actively participate in a variety of positions within the NHS across the country. This puts them in new surroundings, often on their own in an organisation and often meaning they are away from their support network. Finding that the strategies that they have for dealing with their challenges are not always as effective as they would like. The aim was to support the graduates over a 2 day programme to increase the number of their resilience strategies, helping them to build their resilience so when they did need to be resilient they were able to pull on what they needed more easily

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At Natures Coaching we believe that to succeed you need to maximise your people performance and leadership strength. We inspire individuals to grow and enhance their performance to reach their potential for success, generating space and time to think more effectively thus enabling others to find better quality solutions. We do this with teams and organisations as well as individuals.

We work in partnership with companies and individuals who are serious about improving performance and personal development. The strategic coaching we provide will add value to an organisation by creating focus and enhanced leadership, improving motivation and accelerating performance. Every intervention we develop and deliver is influenced by emotional intelligence and positive psychology as we believe these to be fundamental in the success of individuals. 

Working alongside businesses and organisations, we support them in identifying their key areas for people development. Ensuring alignment with their business strategy and objectives. Having accomplished this, we then help them to create bespoke development and training solutions as well as offering individual executive coaching.

We often work closely with our clients to support them in their Organisational Development work or when they require HR specialists, helping them to develop their strategy, working on specific projects or giving general guidance. Read more...