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How strong is your social support network?

This week I have been working developing a workshop around resilience and focusing on the support aspect of our optimal resilience model. What do we mean by support?

• Are you aware of when you need support and can you ask for it?
• Are you supportive to yourself?
• Are you supportive to others?
• Do you have a strong social support network?

In this blog I’m going to focus on social support. When I was working on this I reflected on the impact of social networks and the strengths of these relationships.

How many contacts on your social networks do you have? 500+ for those of us that are active whether it be Facebook, Linked in Twitter, Snapchat etc. what kind of relationship do we have with our social media friends. How do we communicate with them and what do we communicate about? It gives us a sense of community a belonging which makes us feel that we fit and we have a connection but how deep is it, when you really need support how many people can you rely on?

We tend to need social support in 4 main categories

Who are your emotional support friends, that you could go to when you need empathy and understanding, who would you trust to support you in this way?

Who are your friends that you go to for practical help, helping you move house, borrow something from?

Who are the friends you go to get a different perspective, where you welcome their advice to help you resolve things?
Who helps give you facts and information or previous experiences and knowledge giving you information that you didn’t have that is helpful.

Thinking about the strength of our social support and who supports us and in what way, helps us realise the true strength of our social support and be appreciative of the relationships we have. It also might focus our attention on where it would be helpful to strength our relationships in certain areas and not kid ourselves that lots of connections on social media means we have the support we need to help us flourish and help us in difficult times as well as share times of joy.

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