360 Degree Feedback

We have a 360 tool that is flexible to cover a number of different roles and levels covering a variety of competencies. Whether used for individuals or teams, the information gained from this high-quality feedback is extremely useful for individuals to understand their impact. It will help identify strengths as seen by others, potential concern areas and gaps, enabling individuals to better determine their development requirements.

Why use 360° feedback?

  • To enhance the quality of the performance appraisal, adding further depth to the line manager's assessment.
  • To increase self-awareness through learning how colleagues perceive them.
  • It improves communication within the organisation, encouraging a more open culture, where giving and receiving constructive feedback is the norm.
  • It creates a vehicle for giving and receiving constructive feedback in a safe environment.
  • It creates a powerful driver for change with individuals and organisations.

We have teamed up with some real experts at Appraisal 360 enabling us to provide you with a sophisticated on line tool. www.appraisal360.co.uk/

Our coaches then work with you to interpret the results and create bespoke developmental plans and support with performance coaching.