Assessments & Profiling

We offer a variety of profiling assessments to support your development, leadership enhancement, selection assessment and team performance. We will work with you to assess your need and benefit from adding assessment profiling in to any intervention we support you with, ensuring that a profile assessment will add value, and if it will, that we choose the right one for your need.

We often use our DISC profiling tool to assist with enhanced selection into new roles, we also support individual personal development  through a coaching package and with team coaching to raise awareness of others and enhance communication across a team.

Our Hogan Profiling tool enables individuals to enhance their self awareness of the impact that they haven't is the only tool that fully explores your "darkside" tendencies. This is then supported with coaching or leadership development so that individuals can learn how to maximise their strengths and work on their development areas. It can also be a fantastic tool for leadership recruitment. 

To enhance your emotional intelligence we have a self assessment Emotional Intelligence tool or a 360° tool. Enhancing your emotional intelligence has many benefits, from improving your general health and your relationships with yourself and others, to your leadership impact and effectiveness. 

Our Appraisal 360° tool works with a variety of competencies, enabling managers, leaders and sales professionals to get a a consolidated view of how they perform from people that they work with. We can either access the competencies on the system or work with your own to develop a bespoke 360° review. 

If a different profiling tool is preferred we have access to many more through our associates.