Associate team

Julie Hickton, the Principal of the business, has over 20 years experience as a senior leader and Human Resources specialist in a variety of successful organisations. These include Marks and Spencer, the Millfold Group and most recently Divisional HR with Eaga Plc., covering retailing / home improvement market / business service sector.

Within these positions she has been a driver in developing and implementing their people strategies, enabling the businesses to achieve enhanced business performance. She specialises Emotional Intelligence, Executive Coaching, Positive Psychology, Leadership Development, and Organisational Development.

Julie is also a non-executive director for the Rotherham Foundation Trust, where she is both challenging and strategic, assisting the board to develop and deliver its strategic vision and managing its governance requirements.

Julie’s passion for assisting individuals and businesses to achieve their potential is a real inspiration. Her positive motivational personality is infectious, creating a real sense of purpose and focus achieving clarity and enjoyment for all those who work with her. Read more 

All our associates are professionally trained, have operated in various HR and OD roles previously, they bring specialist expertise and enable us to really match our client's needs to the best possible member of the team to work with them. 

Louise Wembridge Executive Coach / HR and OD practitioner 

Louise is an Executive Coach and Consultant who has a strong belief in the enormous potential of each individual. She has worked as an Executive Director within the NHS, also having considerable experience of working at a senior level in the private sector within a wide range of organisational cultures. With a strong track record in both strategic and operational management, her focus is on building personal excellence aligned with business objectives. She works with both individuals and teams within a range of sectors.

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Ben GreenBen Green Executive Coach and NLP Practitioner 

Ben is an executive coach with a range of interests that all revolve around the core notion of how can you be more effective in your work.

With over 15 years experience as a change agent in the fields of HR, Development, Training and Project Management, Ben’s structured approach to tackling the stresses of being a leader helps senior managers, entrepreneurs and business owners take back control and gain real confidence in their abilities to fulfil their roles. 


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Mandy Parfitt Executive Coach 

Mandy is an executive coach and an experienced development consultant with a particular interest in personal development and leadership. She has considerable experience in team coaching and action learning, and has facilitated regional development programmes.

She believes passionately that equipping people with the right skills and helping individuals realise their full potential will help people make the right choices and embrace change, both for themselves and for their business.  



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Elaine Akester

Elaine has a deep passion for supporting people to function at an optimal level and to experience a strong sense of overall well being and resilience. She has a sharp and incisive mind, which is balanced by a warmth and a keen Irish humour. She brings a wealth of business and life experience to her coaching and her commitment to her coaching excellence is evident to all who experience her professional skills.

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Diane Jones 

Diane is enthusiastic and inspired by working with individuals and teams to maximize what each person brings. She is passionate about learning and really enjoys working to help people develop their self-awareness and grow as a person in whatever role they may do. Diane is particularly insightful when working with clients in leadership roles to achieve their full potential and has a very positive and motivational approach, which is infectious.


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