Career Coaching

calm scene with boatLooking for a new role? Wanting promotion? Can’t seem to get recognised for your skills? Or have you got to a stage in your life where you aren’t as fulfilled as you once were with the work you do? Or are you wanting something different from your career?

Work can be enjoyable and fun if it enables you to maximise your talents and strengths. Often, though, we haven’t thought about what we really enjoy and what we would like to. We have stumbled upon this career and role and then have got to a stage where we want more but we aren’t sure what it is that we want, or if we have identified what we want we don't know how to get it.

Career coaching can support individuals with the following :

  • Grooming for promotion.
  • Raising their personal profile.
  • Support in a new role.
  • Developing leadership skills to be more impactful.
  • Improving specific skills (e.g. presentation skills )
  • Improving relationships / communication.
  • Preparing for / Support with Change into a new roles
  • Reviewing your career choices and plan
  • Getting that role you really want
  • Taking time out to re connect with what it is that you want to do with your career
  • Planning for retirement / the next phase in your career


What we might Focus on with your career management coaching. Each coaching partnership is different and we will work with you to help identify what would work best for your specific issues. Examples might be:

  • Creating a strong personal vision, purpose and direction for your future
  • Discovering core values and understanding what you wish to gain from your career
  • Connecting with what motivates and drives you in your career
  • Developing relationships – building skills and effective networking
  • Recognising the positive benefit of feedback and the appraisal system
  • Specific skills and behaviours identified

What might happen in a Career coaching programme?

We’ll tailor the programme to meet your specific needs and circumstances. You can be confident that your programme will support you to reach your targeted outcomes.

We’ll offer face to face 1:1 coaching and/or  telephone coaching; ideally you’d be working with us for at least a six month period to see genuine return on investment. This then continues to have an impact after the coaching itself has been completed.

We’ll start with a discussion to identify your needs from the programme before developing the right solution for you, possibly with the use of diagnostic personality profiles or 360 degree feedback. Alternatively a workshop approach can be taken for a group of individuals affected through restructuring or redundancy, in a standalone or series of workshops. This will be developed to meet your group requirements with pre- and post-session assignments, options of 360 degree feedback elements where appropriate and/or psychometric assessments.

We have had success in helping individuals realise that their future career aspirations are in a totally different field and then supported them through getting on a university course to retrain as a mature student.

We have assisted many in their future career choices ensuring it is the right choice and that the new role is one that will enable them to grow and blossom.

We have successfully assisted individuals to maximise their impact at the assessment and interview process, enabling them to be successful and gain the positions they wanted.

I have worked with Julie on both a professional and personal basis, and have been proud and delighted with what I have achieved thanks to Julie's knowledge, ability, professionalism and commitment to success.

Jane Bolan, newly qualified Social Worker

She has, in a short time helped me to unearth deep rooted barriers within myself that were preventing me progressing in my career. Since our coaching sessions I have developed the confidence and self awareness to engage with senior leaders in business with confidence and credibility. I have also successfully found my next career move which is largely because of the support Julie has given me.

Paul Goundry Senior Learning Technology & Performance Consultant at Virgin Media