Emotional and Social Intelligence - Daniel Goleman model


The capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships.

Daniel Goleman

We use this Emotional and Social Intelligience assessment to assess and develop leaders through coaching, leadership development programmes and recruitment. 

The 360° online Emotional and Social Competency Inventory:

  • Measures the twelve competencies that deliver performance across most roles and levels.
  • Compares an individual’s self-view with the perceptions of a range of raters.
  • Describes each competency and explains the feedback data.
  • Offers suggestions and tips on how to use each competency effectively.
  • Benchmarks the feedback data against our norm group.
  • Is administered via our self service site.
  • Is available in multiple languages.
  • The ESCI group report provides summary data for a group of individuals.

People with EI

  • Strive to meet or exceed high standards
  • Adapt to change and make change happen
  • Maintain their effectiveness under stress
  • Look for ways to overcome obstacles
  • Show empathy and insight in their relationships
  • Resolve conflict, lead others and co-operate
  • Influence, coach and develop others
  • Bring out the best in themselves and others