Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally intelligent people communicate effectively, form strong relationships and create powerful coping strategies; emotionally unintelligent people don’t—no matter how high their IQs. Emotional Intelligence can be measured more reliably and less controversially than IQ, and unlike IQ, it can be substantially strengthened and developed.

We use the  EQi / EQ360 tool to assess individuals' Emotional Intelligence we work with MHS and their Emotional Intelligence model. 

Recent research shows that in today's business world, people need to be emotionally intelligent. They need to be able to react quickly, take the initiative, deal with problems, lead by example, handle difficult situations and develop good relationships with staff and clients. 

The following is a brief introduction to the many workplace applications of Emotional Intelligence:

Selection and Succession

Used in conjunction with existing evaluation criteria (experience, qualifications, interview results), properly interpreted Emotional Intelligence test scores provide unprecedented predictability. You will know better who to hire and who to promote, have better success aligning the right people with the right jobs, and achieve greater clarity in planning for the succession of senior leadership.


Emotional Intelligence is elastic. Those who lack it can acquire it; those who have it can enhance it. MHS Emotional Intelligence tests identify areas of strength and weakness that training and coaching can be designed around. People at every level of the organisation, from new hires to senior managers, can develop their Emotional Intelligence skills and see their job performance improve significantly.


As most experienced leaders are acutely aware, social and emotional competencies are critical to managerial success. Our tools, have helped organisations formulate clear profiles and development plans for up-and-coming leaders, as well as developing those already in post. We also provide EI development solutions to support individuals develop their capabilities in this area.