Emotional Intelligence coaching


Emotionally Intelligent individuals generally succeed in life more than those who aren't as emotionally Intelligent, whether it be at work, working with others or leading others, building strong personal relationships, managing their own stress and emotions, or generally being of better health.

All our coaching assignments have an element of emotional Intelligence within them. We feel it is important to deal with the individual first and ensure they are in balance, have a strong sense of who they are and feel good about themselves. This is a good foundation to then move onto other aspects that they may bring to the coaching arena.

We use an emotional Intelligence focus to help individuals understand and manage their emotions and feelings, understanding those of others and how to manage those relationships more effectively, to help their general health and well being and stress management.

We would generally assess what the coachee wishes to focus on and then get them to complete our Emotional Intelligence Assessment EQI. After this a detailed feedback session takes place which helps raise awareness and determine where best to focus their personal development. Unlike IQ, EQ can be enhanced and developed. We help individuals enhance their EQ through the coaching resulting in overall Increased happiness and stronger relationships with themselves and others.

 I have learnt lots about myself, my way of working, my preferences and have developed my emotional intelligence , as well as increasing my overall happiness.

Lyn Watson Belsoft Strategic Accounting