Boost your Resilience Increase your Wellbeing

Workshop details  - This workshop has been postponed                                                                            

Date : 29th Septmeber  2017
Time: 10 – 4.30
Location: Ye Olde Bell - Retford 


Investment: £135 including a healthy two course meal and refreshments EARLY Bird £100 until 31st July (plus VAT)

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This one day wellbeing experience will enable you to understand your personal resilience, how to grow, develop and maintain it, enabling you to increase your overall wellbeing and achieve a sense of flourishing. It is a unique experience offering you the opportunity to consider your personal resilience and learn the latest approaches in the area of personal wellbeing.

Facilitated by two experts in the field of resilience, Julie Hickton and Elaine Akaster. Incorporating the latest thinking and development approaches and evidence based tools and techniques, along with reflections from Julie’s book the Tree of Resilience.

What you’ll gain:

  •  Simple and powerful techniques to boost your resilience and wellbeing
  •  An understanding of the 7 elements of resilience
  •  An understanding of what negatively impacts on your resilience and how to mange these
  •  How to maintain your resilience, enabling you to flourish
  •  Your own optimal personal resilience growth plan


Resilience is highly developable and multi dimensional, the Optimal Resilience model incorporates the 7 key facets, which will be covered within the workshop. Our approach is designed to ensure that as well as learning about the 7 aspects, you will be encouraged to experience aspects and use the evidence based tools in this safe and invigorating environment.

Support and compassion are core components of both the Optimal model and our approach. It enables individuals to identify and improve how supportive and compassionate they are to themselves and others.

The workshop will enable you to adopt a proactive and sustainable approach to developing and managing your resilience.

  •  Energy exercises
  •  Resilience understanding
  •  Resilience assessment
  •  Optimal resilience model
  •  Resilience techniques and exercises
  •  Personal Optimal resilience growth plan

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