Seventy-five percent of working adults say the worst aspect of their job — the most stressful aspect of their job — is their immediate boss.

Hogan says:

Bad managers create enormous health costs and are a major source of misery for many people,  a major cause of stress in modern life is bad management because stress negatively affects the immune system and health.

Through using the Hogan profile you can enhance your leadership capability and your positive impact. Knowing how you operate on a daily basis, as well as how you operate when you are under stress or have excess work load, enables you to better understand how you are, the impact that you have, and how you can develop yourself to improve.

The Hogan Leadership Forecast explores leadership behaviours from three perspectives:

  1. The impression a person makes during day-to-day interactions
  2. The characteristic way a person interprets the world and treats subordinates
  3. The values an individual holds.

Importantly, the Hogan's Leadership profile is the only tool which identifies what may be called the 'dark side' of a personality. These are the attributes which are most likely to derail us and prevent us from being a fully effective executive, particularly when we are under pressure.

By identifying these career derailers, we can help people develop strategies to manage and overcome them and thereby improve/maximise their potential success within the organisation.

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is a measure of normal personality and is used to predict job performance. The HPI is an ideal tool to help you strengthen your employee selection, leadership development, succession planning, and talent management processes.

The HPI was the first inventory of normal personality based on the Five-Factor Model and developed specifically for the business community. The HPI is a high-quality psychometric evaluation of the personality characteristics necessary for success in careers, relationships, education, and life 

Hogan Personality Inventory

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) identifies personality-based performance risks and derailers of interpersonal behaviour. These derailers affect an individual’s leadership style and actions. If these behaviour patterns are recognised, however, they can be compensated by development and coaching.

Hogan Development Survey 

The HDS concerns characteristics not covered by the Five-Factor Model. Under normal circumstances, elevated scores on the HDS scales may actually be strengths. However, when an individual is tired, pressured, bored, or otherwise distracted, these risk factors may impede effectiveness and derail success in careers, relationships, education, and life.

The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) is a personality inventory that reveals a person’s core values, goals and what really motives them. Having this information enables you to identify how they "fit' with your culture, if recruiting. If identifying for yourself it enables you to fully consider what motives you and what you value as important in your life, often bringing realisation to why certain aspects cause friction, concern or general unhappiness. 

Motives, values and preferences inventory