We believe that a successful leader has to be an emotionally intelligent one. Being able to understand and manage one's emotional self is essential, as is understanding the emotions and feelings of others so they can better connect, motivate and lead others.

They must be able to effectively deal with change and stressful situations, guiding both themselves and others through difficult times. The successful leader has the ability to be realistically optimistic, has a strong sense of who they are, is adaptable and able to have a flexible approach to changing situations.

Having these skills enables a leader to obtain dramatically better results than those who aren’t so high on their emotional intelligence scale.

We develop leaders to strengthen their emotional intelligence, through a variety of interventions;

We work with the BarOn model of emotional intelligence.

We help leaders understand who they are as a leader, enabling them to be real and true to themselves, building their personal power and emotional connection with others.

We assist leaders in tapping into their intuition to help guide them and fuel their reasoning; developing their communication and influencing ability and building their inspiration of self and others; and ensuring they are authentic, have high resilience and develop trusting relationships.

We combine emotional intelligence and positive psychology  when we work with leaders to really impact positively on the people they lead and the results they produce.