Louise Wembridge: Executive Coach/HR & OD Practitioner

Louise Wembridge

Key Skills:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Team coaching and development
  • Change management

Professional Qualifications &

  • Post Graduate certificate in Businessand Executive Coaching NLP Practitioner
  • Practitioner in Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy
  • MBTI and OPQ trained

Professional Memberships

Associate member of the European
Mentoring and Coaching consortium


Louise is an Executive Coach and Consultant who has a strong belief in the enormous potential of each individual. She has worked as an Executive Director within the NHS, also having considerable experience of working at a senior level in the private sector within a wide range of organisational cultures. With a strong track record in both strategic and operational management, her focus is on building personal excellence aligned with business objectives. She works with both individuals and teams within a range of sectors.

Coaching Style

Louise’s style is pragmatic, empathic and challenging, allowing her to quickly build rapport and credibility with clients. Her knowledge of both psychological models/approaches and organisational processes inform her approach; she uses psychometric tools where appropriate. Her approach is goal orientated, supporting clients to analyse issues, tackle self-limiting beliefs, create effective solutions and take action.

Client Organisations

  • Accredited coach for the NHS Top leaders Development programme.
  • Executive Coach for Senior Leaders/Directors in a variety of NHS organisations (PCTs, SHAs).
  • Executive Coach for Senior Leaders within other sectors, including Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Professional and Financial Services.

Career Background

Having worked for an Occupational Psychologist after graduating, Louise joined Northern Foods Plc. and over a period of 17 years worked in a number of both generalist and specialist HR roles. Her final role within the Group was that of Personnel Director for one of the operating companies. She subsequently joined the NHS as Executive Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development at Sheffield Childrenʼs NHS Foundation Trust. This Board level role allowed her to build on her skills and experience in leadership development and coaching at a senior level, prior to establishing herself as an independent Consultant and Executive Coach in 2008.

She still retains strong links with the service and is an accredited coach with the Yorkshire & Humber Coaching SHA.

Most Recent Testimonial

I found Louise immediately easy to relate to. She creates a calm
atmosphere that is conducive to trust and openness. Iʼve gained
a greater insight into areas for development, as well as my
strengths, because of Louiseʼs input. She challenged my existing
approach and enabled me to think differently about issues. I had a
“light bulb moment” – one of those things that you wonder why on
earth youʼve not seen it that way before."