Organisational Development

stormy sunsetTo achieve the desired goals and deliver high performance and maintain the competitive advantage, organisations need to ensure that the way they manage and process their people aspects....

Often an inspirational vision for the organisation gets created by a few and is then thrust upon the many. Too often, this results in these change initiatives ending in a successful change of procedures and structures, but less sustainable change in ways of working, culture and effectiveness. Organisational Development (OD) is a specific perspective and area of expertise which speaks to this challenge.

We help organisations align their people processes, strategy and leadership to improve organisational effectiveness and achieve the business goals more easily.

Organisational development can enable an organisation to be ready for the future by taking steps which create an environment that allows employees to understand, embody and deliver the organisation’s objectives. OD involves both “hard” issues – strategy, policies, structures and systems – and “soft” issues those that develop appropriate skills, behaviours, attitudes, culture and a style of leadership that will enable organisations to deliver optimum performance. To avoid conflict between organisational goals and needs, it is imperative that both these issues are addressed.

The key distinctive feature of an organisational development perspective is taking a holistic focus; paying attention to how what is done in one part of the organisation impacts on another.

Whether you are implementing a future change initiative or developing a new organisation from scratch, it is a great idea to work with us to help you develop and shape the organisation into the one you want, taking positive action to help shape the future rather than leaving it to chance.

We have taken on small projects around change and organisational aspects, or larger ones, such as helping a business achieve Investors In People through an integrated approach rather than a tick box approach.

We have supported Scarborough and Ryedale CCG in developing their OD plan for Authorisation, completing a comprehensive diagnostic and then delivering a number of interventions to assist them in shaping their future organisation.

Working with Natures Coaching enables you to add an extra expertise and dimention to your organsational development aspect.