Personal Resilience

Our Approach
Our approach within the Optimal Personal Resilience is based on the following factors:

  • It is built on a foundation of solid research including the latest approaches and recognised interventions in the field of resilience
  • The fact that all aspects of resilience are developable traits
  • The model is flexible and is shaped to suit the needs of individuals and business contexts 

Our Personal Resilience Interventions page

Our Definition

The ability of an individual to perform consistently and their optimal level, retaining flexible cognitive, behavioural and emotional responses, irrespective of prevailing challenges and conditions.

(adapted form Neenan and Drydens definition)

The Model

Purpose and meaning
Having a clear sense of purpose to your life and partaking in activities that you find meaningful. Being aware of your core principles and values, living your life aligned to them. It also includes your ability to be both optimistic and hopeful.

Belief and confidence in your capabilities to organise and execute the courses of actions required to manage situations and achieve desired goals. Recognising what lies within your control and influence. It also encompasses; being courageous, having a growth mind-set and being assertive.

Being aware of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy and managing it to optimise your performance and well-being. Utilising your strengths and using humour to stimulate positive energy and well-being.

The ability to be aware of, and manage your thoughts, emotions, feelings and attitudes, and understanding how they impact on behaviour. The ability to have perspective and flexibility around your emotional, behavioural and cognitive responses.

The ability to remain focussed on your purpose, goals and values; particularly in times of change and adversity.

The ability to proactively notice and pay attention to your personal well-being in a non-judgmental and compassionate way and take the required actions to address it.

An individual’s ability to be kind and compassionate both to themselves and others.

An individual’s ability to notice and ask for support as well as accepting it and offering it to others. Actively engaging in mutually supportive relationships.