Recruitment and Selection

Ensuring you have the right people for the position and organisation is often a challenge. You might find a candidate to be technically competent, but will they be able integrate well into your culture? Will your culture be one that brings out the best in their performance? 

We will work with in a variety of ways around your recruitment and selection to ensure you get the best person for your business.

Examples of the type of projects are:

  • Developing a clear recruitment process to meet our business needs
  • Training managers to recruit effectively ensuring an evidence based approach
  • Developing clear recruitment / business competencies to recruit against
  • Assessing what it is that you are really looking for, and developing job profiles to reflect this
  • Assisting in the selection of leadership roles 
  • Providing assessment profiling for improved selection assessment 
  • Assessment of the best cultural fit for candidates

We have a recruitment and selection expert on the team as well as our coaches who are skilled at various selection profiles.

Enhance your business performance and reduce the cost of poor recruitment and selection through working with us.