Strengths Assessments

What do we mean by a strength, a personal attribute that energises you, which feels part of us and enables optimum performance. Psychologist Alex Linley describes strengths as enabling optimum performance that is authentic and energising. Energising is the key to helping you identify your strengths, as you may be good at something, as over time you have learnt how to do that aspect, but it isn't energising, in fact it takes energy from you.

So why is working with your strengths beneficial?

  • it generates optimism
  • it develops confidence 
  • it encourages insight
  • it builds resilience 
  • it generates energy
  • it enhances performance 

We will work with you to identify which strengths based tool would be beneficial, we tend to work with Via Strengths and Realise 2 

We often combine strengths with the following:

  • leadership development - strengths based leadership
  • change - using your strengths to assist you with the change or lead the change
  • team development / coaching - working with team strengths to enhance performance 
  • career - working with your strengths to identify a more energising solution