Strengths Coaching

We work with individuals to help them identify what their strengths are and how they can utilise them more effectively in their every day life and work. Playing to your strengths brings a greater sense of fulfilment, satisfaction and enjoyment.

Understanding what they are is the first step to this and then we work with individuals to develop those strengths and ensure they utilise them more. Research has shown that we perform more effectively if we are suited to the role. By identifying your strengths you will understand how a role suits you, and how you can bring more of those strengths into the role through approaching it differently, which will then impact on how much you enjoy the role.

Knowing your strengths will help you look at how you can use them when dealing with challenges and difficulties, or learning new things. We also work with you to ensure that your strengths aren't overused as this can cause problems in some situations.

Through understanding your strengths you will start to notice others, and in a work situation, if you can play to individuals strengths within a team, you will notice enhanced team performance, increased satisfaction and improved relationships.

We often use the Via Strengths assessment or Realise2 as a way of assessing your signature strengths.