Team Coaching

Organisations are made up of individuals and teams, often the power of the team is not harnessed enable it to achieve its potential and what is is capable of.

Not Finance. Not Strategy. Not Technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and rare. 

Patrick Lenicioni 

Team coaching is a powerful development intervention that focuses attention on the what they do with the how they do it and there relationships within the team.

Potential areas of focus for team coaching:

  • Team Leadership - how do they collectively lead the organisation
  • Team Relationships and Dynamics - building understanding and trust to harness the power of all
  • Team Strategy - developing a clear vision, goals and road map
  • Senior Leadership - gaining clarity around their strategic responsibilities and the leadership impact they have on the organisation
  • High Performing and Resilient Team - using the Optimal Model to develop their resilience and performance
  • Transition and Change - how they will lead the organisation through transition and change

The team coaching process

All of our team coaching programmes are bespoke in design; however they usually include the following phases:

  • Phase one – we undertake effective ‘contracting’ with the organisation and/or the team leader on the ‘business case and rationale’ for the work we undertake in order to create clarity of wider organisation and system objectives, and to ensure an effective return on investment.
  • Phase two – we arrange one-to-one sessions with each team member in order to clarify personal objectives, and possibly discuss the diagnostics that may be used.
  • Phase three – diagnostics completed
  • Phase four – A series of full or half-day team coaching sessions with the team over a period of 6-12 months
  • Phase five – review of learning and development needs that ensure sustainable development going forward.

Additional one-to-one coaching can be offered to individual team members to support the team coaching.