Team Resilience

Our experienced resilience coaches will work with teams to develop their team resilience. We have a team resilience programme that will create long term sustainable teams that work well together and generate great results. The programme starts with individual resilience and understanding before collaboratively working together on the key elements of team resilience.

The success of a team and its ability to deal with the challenges of change collectively deliver has to be worked at. Those teams that are more resilient and able to deal with the set backs and challenges together generate better results and are happier at work. A resilient team is more able to deal with those set backs, more effective, more energetic, more supportive more collaborative in their approach.

Using influences from Julie’s Inspirational book The Tree Of Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Physiology, Empathy and Compassion research.  As well as linking this to the 5 dysfunctions of a team model by Patrick Lencioni

Our Team Resilience Model