The Tree of Resilience

by Julie Hickton

The Tree of Resilience by Julie Hickton
The Tree of Resilience by Julie Hickton

The book is a collection of stories about everyday women like you and me who have had difficulties at a certain point in their life, and explains how they managed to overcome their everyday challenges and struggles. While reading these stories, you may find yourself relating to their experiences and situations, and this will ignite in you a firm belief that you too can deal with your setbacks.

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For me resilience is made up of eight elements, all of which can be developed and grown, very much like acorns on a tree. The opening chapter introduces you to these elements, and at the end of each inspiring woman’s story I reflect on which elements have been the most prevalent. Following that are then a number of strategies and ideas on how you can develop these elements and start to grow your capability in these areas of resilience.

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Why did I write the book?

I have been privileged to meet and work with a number of amazing but ordinary women, and when I heard their stories I felt very strongly that they ought to be shared to help other women also having difficulties. I found their stories inspiring, supportive, helpful and personally encouraging, and felt compelled to find a way to share them.

We often read about famous people who have achieved incredible things and may have overcome great challenges along the way, but somehow the majority of women feel we can't relate to their stories. The women in these stories, of which I am one, have merely gone through stuff that any one of us might have to deal with! We are everyday women living our lives without fame or stardom, yet we have achieved things that I truly believe will encourage you to find ways to deal with your challenges more easily; they will help you to build your own resilience so that future setbacks won’t seem as crippling as they once did.

Who is this book for?

This is a book that will appeal to you, your friends, your family and your work colleagues. The stories put you into the shoes of various women dealing with different situations, and explain how they overcame them.

The diversity of the situations covered by the stories means that most women will be able to relate to and understand at least some of them, inspiring them to change their perspective of their own situation and find new ways to deal with it.

Is it just for women? Absolutely not! The stories are all about women but they are still poignant for men, helping them connect with the women in their lives and be more empathetic with women they know who may be having difficulties. The strategies on how to build the eight elements of resilience are relevant for men as well as women, and hopefully they will try the strategies out and raise their own levels of resilience too.

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About the author, Julie Hickton

Julie Hickton

Julie’s passion for helping individuals and businesses to achieve their potential is a real inspiration. Her positive motivational personality is infectious, creating a real sense of purpose, focus and enjoyment for all those who work with her.

Julie uses her previous business experience and understanding of people, along with her coaching talents, to guide businesses and individuals in understanding their key people-related issues and harnessing their talents to achieve both business and individual success.

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Julie Hickton is a naturally warm and humorous speaker, weaving empathy and honesty into the stories she tells, and bringing great insights and inspiration from her work on resilience.

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Resilience training, development and coaching

What is resilience and why is it so important for modern living?

It's about the ability of individuals who are knocked by life to come back even stronger, rather than letting setbacks and difficulties drain their resolve.

We believe resilience can be improved, whether individually or as a team; and as such we have developed a number of approaches that will enable you and your team to increase your resilience in preparation for life's difficulties. This might take the form of individual or group coaching - or alternatively a one-day workshop for your team - that will ascertain your areas of strength and weakness, and teach you techniques and approaches to help the continual building of all aspects of resilience.

Team Resilience

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