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Natures Coaching Testimonial

A training and Business consultancy organisation, which had two sister in laws heading up the organisation following the recent retirement of one of the Directors. There were differences of opinion about ways of working which weren’t clear between the partners, communication was poor and resulting in frustrations building up. 

Natures Coaching intervention 

  • Individual discussion with both partners to identify the key aspects from their perspective
  • Agreed outcomes between both Partners 
  • Team coaching sessions over a period of 4 months where agreement was made re how to work together, how to improve communication, understand each others different needs and how they would be met, future direction and business objectives, agreed KPI’s and reporting mechanisms.

This resulted in the partners becoming more effective as a team, delivering increased results due to focus and building of trust through open discussion. Frustration has been replaced with mutual support. 


Business Benefits:

  • Allowed us to re-focus on us / the Business – what are we in it for Clear goals of what we want to achieve (and therefore a re-focus of activities)
  • Greater understanding and appreciation of each others profiles and what we ‘bring to the party’
  • Clearer ways of working that support our needs as well as the business needs
  • A better / more relaxed / more open working relationship – which is facilitating personal development
  • Clearer and more regular communication between Directors started to de-personalise business issues

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