Natures Coaching Testimonial

A manufacturing site with a new Site Manager, who had been internally promoted, from one of the senior team. A new Production Manager, with limited experience within production, a Heath and Safety and Quality Manager who had just taken on these responsibilities, a technical manager and a HR manager, all haveng different priorities. There was lots of change within the team with a back drop of lots of change within the wider business occurring.

Natures Coaching Intervention:

We delivered individual coaching programmes to all the members of the leadership team. With developmental diagnostics to assist with their self awareness and focus on their key areas of strength with their leadership style as well as enabling them to understand their impact on others when they were under stress or pressure. Each individual programme was over a 24 month period.  

Team facilitation and development to build trust, develop a clear strategy for working together and identification of what they wanted to achieve together. 

Despite the fact that nothing was really new to me, Julie really made look at it from a different perspective and challenged me in developing new and different approaches to my leadership”. Julie really helped us get to the real issue ”


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