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Hedley May’s mission is to improve the performance of their clients. Everything they do, including their values, culture and the way they run their business, is guided by this. They serve two interrelated markets:
• The world’s leading corporates and financial institutions by delivering exceptional talent across the critical functional roles – Executive Reward, Legal, Compliance, Risk, Company Secretarial, Finance and Internal Audit.
• The largest and most sophisticated professional services firms on their strategy and recruitment globally.

Current Context
At the point of engagement, Hedley May, had been going through a transition phase taking the opportunity to strategically plan the next phase of their business maturity. As part of this, they were exploring how they could enhance their internal culture and develop the team further, ensuring that the strong company values were continuing to be embedded both internally as well externally.

Optimal Approach
Team Coaching for high performing and resilience

A. The diagnostic phase: identifying where they were against the Optimal team resilience model. Through focus group discussions with the various groups within the business, an assessment was made about their strengths together with areas that would benefit from further focus.

B. The diagnostic informed the design of the team coaching event ensuring it focused on the areas that would be of most benefit at this particular time.

The Optimal team resilience model provided the framework for the chosen solution.  

A diagnostic stage informed theinterventions and approaches included within the team-coaching event with all employees being involved, including the partners.

Approaches were drawn from positive psychology, Nancy Kline – Time to Think, coaching ethos and good practice, it also reflected their company values of Excellence, Courage and Empathy. Once we had explored the feedback data from the diagnostic stage with the team, the team members agreed themselves what areas they thought would be of most relevance and benefit for them to focus on. This all added to a sense of collective responsibility, an important attribute of any high performing team and resilient team.

The immediate feedback from the session was one of positive surprise that they had such powerful discussions as a collective team. They realised they were having conversations with each other that they had not previously and could see how these “high quality” conversations helped build vulnerability based trust - reflecting the trust element of the Optimal model. They also felt we had helped them look again at the balance between two of their values – Courage and Empathy in connection with how they communicated with each other. The output helped gain clarity around what needed to happen; they were now in a position to develop some clear team goals which would support their continuing development as a high performing and resilient team. A working committee of three team members was formed on the day, who continue to take this invaluable work forward.

Continuous remote support
Guidance and support has also been given in helping the business consider further activities that will help them achieve their internal culture goals.

Individual feedback on situational actions and impact in the workplace
I’ve had some really positive feedback and I am super impressed at how engaged and focused the team was throughout the day. Thank you. -  Laura Juniper

  • Sense of enjoyment - time went quickly and it was fun
  • Achieved firm wide engagement
  • Clear purpose and good pace
  • Great forum for open discussion
  • Consensus that it is important to be clear on the outcomes and maintain momentum

Client Testimonial
I am really pleased with the progress the firm is making on this. One outcome of our session with you is that the team of three came up with a number of ideas on how to improve our empathy. One of these is that we are now all part of the Great Working Environment team (GWE). Improvements include a quarterly mood survey and a black board where we all write on it to explain how we are feeling – that was a direct result of your exercise where we all wrote how we were feeling on post-it notes.

I am really impressed with Natures Coaching approach throughout our engagement with them both Julie and Elaine demonstrated high levels of understanding and sensitivity at all stages of the process, but particularly during process facilitation itself. I have no hesitation in recommending Natures Coaching supported by Emintell, as a high quality provider of solutions to develop resilient and high performing teams.

Nick Hedley 

           Eight months on what's the update?

           Hedley May have recently merged with Exchange Place Partners in New York.

           I believe your intervention has given us confidence that we can do it – prior to that I would have been very concerned about our emotional resilience. 

Nick Hedley 


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