Optimal Resilience Development Programme - NHS Graduates

Natures Coaching Testimonial

Client NHS Yorkshire and Humber HEE - Graduate scheme 2015/6 delegates

The graduates join a 2 year scheme that has been competitive to join and requires a level of resilience to support them in the challenges they face during their two / two and half year programme. They are supported nationally on leadership development and actively participate in a variety of positions within the NHS across the country.

This puts them in new surroundings, often on their own in an organisation and often meaning they are away from their support network. Finding that the strategies that they have for dealing with their challenges are not always as effective as they would like.

The aim was to support the graduates over a 2 day programme to increase the number of their resilience strategies, helping them to build their resilience so when they did need to be resilient they were able to pull on what they needed more easily.


An initial workshop was developed tailored to their needs and specific aspects of resilience around the Optimal Personal Resilience Model.
• What is resilience and its elements
• Chi Gong practice
• Understanding the difference between good pressure and damaging stress
• The power of story telling
• Self assessment – diagnostic and personal growth plan
• Strengths assessments
• Exploration of personal values
• Unhelpful thinking styles
• the balance between pleasure and purpose

There was a period of 7 weeks between the workshops enabling individuals to develop the strategies they had learnt tap into their strengths more fully. With the aim of bringing back to the second workshop their learning.

Workshop 2 1/2day covering
• reconnecting with self
• reflections and learning form the last workshop
• developing self-efficacy
• talking emotions
• top tips
• what next for their personal resilience


Individual feedback on situational actions and impact in the workplace
After workshop 1

• Really useful to have committed time to review and set objectives to develop my resilience
• Has addressed what is the most difficult area of my life
• Really interesting and practical – feel I have lots of tools and techniques to take away with me
• Everything was really useful and thought provoking
• After workshop 2

Question – What did, on reflection, you find most useful from workshop 1, what strategies have you seemed to tap in to / use?

• Realising my realised and unrealised strengths and reflecting on them after the first workshop enabling me to put them into a     work context and how best to use them to my advantage
• Thinking errors and values and understanding your reaction when your personal values are crossed
• Positive mindsets – phrasing questions that positively impact on your colleagues
• Understanding what drains my energy around my learned behaviours and weaknesses
• Tapping into my strengths to help generate personal energy

Question – How will you use the information you have learnt?
• Will continue to work on my journaling and noticing when im being hard on myself and give myself permission to give myself a   break
• Taking time to reflect, taking 20 mins for myself to calm myself and manage the sense of overwhemlment at times
• Using mindfulness at work to slow down reactions and connect with myself. Recognising with why my inner critic is saying         something listening then turning the volume down allowing myself to focus on the positive compassionate voice.
• Us the practical skills and improve on them to set a positive culture with my team
• Being more mindful at work
• Practice mindfulness and notice successes more at work

Client Testimonial

“One of the trainees rang me following the session to say how beneficial it had been and how it had helped her to identify the problems she had but hadn’t been able to articulate them and therefore identify what she could do to resolve the issues.  She’s already taken steps to turn things around and no doubt will be able to talk about some of those at the next session.”  Debra Singleton – Yorks and Humber OD Team

“Natures coaching has helped me extend my toolkit for dealing with the everyday complications and events in life, at work and at home. I feel I can now understand my own reactions and manage better” Hailey Pottinger

“I feel I have a better understanding of my resilience, strengths and tools which I can draw on in times of challenge – thank you “ Anna

“Even someone for who mindfulness does not appeal to normally I found it beneficial “ Josh

“Julie is great at delivering resilience development in a way that each individual can relate to, develop and take away from the sessions” Tiffany

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