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Natures Coaching Testimonial


At the end of last year, RedEye took part in the Best Companies Survey for the first time and achieved an impressive 2 star accreditation; a huge achievement that we are really proud of. It was clear that there were many things which had gone into achieving this, but it was apparent that our RedEye people managers were firmly at the heart of this. Our people managers had been doing a fantastic job, inspiring, leading and managing their teams throughout our rapid growth but it was time that they got the support and development they deserved, because they are our game changers. At the start of 2016 RedEye linked up with the Institute of Leadership and Management to launch our first ILM accredited management development programme. The programme aimed to give our people managers the skills and knowledge they needed to be effective in their roles. The ability to adopt a coaching approach in their day to day team management was essential to support our focus on career development for individuals and our evolving learning culture. We partnered with Nature’s Coaching to get their support in developing these skills as part of the programme.


Nature’s Coaching delivered a one day ‘Coaching Skills for Managers’ workshop for our cohort of 50 managers over a 4 week period which aimed to help our managers:

· Understand Coaching and the key skills required

· Consider the benefits of coaching

· Refresh their knowledge of the GROW model

· Practice coaching and receive feedback

· Consider opportunities where they could apply a coaching approach

Providing managers with the opportunity to practice coaching in a safe environment was invaluable. Each manager had the opportunity to take the role of coach, coachee and observer so they could view the coaching approach through different perspectives, broadening their understanding and emphasising the benefits. The constructive, personalised feedback which Louise and Julie provided after each practice was excellent, giving each individual key areas to focus on to support their development.


· Our managers have all stated that they feel more confident using coaching in their day to day roles
· It has helped us to build capacity in the business by moving away from a directive management approach
· Individuals feel more supported and are able to see their progression through increased ability to solve challenges
· RedEye’s internal mentoring programme, has been enhanced due to mentors also using elements of coaching to really support their mentee 

Written by Emma Fallon 

L&D Specialist RedEye 

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