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Client the GP Partners of North Leeds Medical Practice

I really do think we need to thank you. There is a sense in which the team (partner team) is coming together, or at least that we are 

having more open discussions. I'm sure that reflects the time we have spent working with you. At times difficult but, I believe, worth it.

North Leeds Medical Practice, in October 2014, was a growing practice, with patient numbers having increased dramatically in recent years and continuing to grow, had decided to build a new practice building at one of their sites, and had 5

 partners in the practice that spanned 2 physical sites.

Recognising the fact that General Practice was rapidly changing and this was testing relationships between part

ners, and due to competing demands communication wasn’t as open or as effective as it needed to be for the future success of the business there was a desire to have some sort of supported facilitated development work as a team.

A Team Coaching approach was decided as the best approach to support the team with their aspirations and desired outcomes.

What is Team Coaching?
Team coaching is a powerful development intervention that brings individuals together to develop their own skills, awareness and learning as a team, helping them to learn how to become more effective, efficient and focused in reaching agreed performance objectives.

With teams rather than individuals being responsible for the delivery of most organisational goals, high-quality team coaching can have a striking and immediate impact on organisational performance.

The team development focuses on supporting and challenging teams to develop the awareness, ability and skills that enable them to become even more effective, efficient, and focused in reaching agreed strategic, organisational and performance objectives – for themselves and their wider stakeholders.

Our Specific Approach

Stage 1
Initially each partner had a 1:1 with the coach to explore their thinking around a number of key aspects about the team, the way it worked together, their aspirations and thoughts around what they wanted to achieve from the team coaching.

Stage 2
At the first team session this data was played back to the team and explored, opening up discussion for understanding different perspectives and interpretations before deciding on the key aspects/ goals to work on collectively through further team coaching. During this the coach also shared observations around how the team worked together enabling the team to gain fresh insight to how they worked.

Outcomes and agreed route map identified by the team

1. We have a clear future vision and supporting set of goals to achieve

2. For us to see the differences between us as a strength and not reasons to disagree

3. Improved decision making through constructive discussion that allows for different opinions and feelings to be expressed

4. Improved communication

5. To recognise and utilise our individual strengths and mitigate against the weaknesses

Stage 3
Team coaching took place 3 times a year focusing on their agreed objectives or other key priorities that they brought to the session. As well as working on the tasks, there was continual team development, working on understanding difference, assumptions, personality preferences, fears and concerns, having challenging conversations with each other, all helping to build greater understanding of each other and enabling them to be vulnerable with each other, strengthening trust, which is a key component for high performing teams.

Stage 4
The Partnership team has now grown, giving all GPs after 2 years with the practice the opportunity to become a Partner. Which is quite an innovative approach and requires facilitated support to work thorough how this will work. The team coaching now works with the 10 members of the new Partnership team.


  • The initial team of 5 partner became 4 as one partner was able to explore with the others her desire to take her career in a different direction
  • The team have a clear vision and aspirations for the future
  • The team have improved their relationships with each other
  • Their communication with each other is more open and honest enabling the real issues to surface more effectively.
  • They are continuing to positively move forward together exploring new business ideas and opportunities.

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