Emotional Intelligence for Managers

Natures Coaching Testimonial

With another round of changes occurring within the council and managers being trained in coaching skills they were looking for something else to support the managers to help them and the people they lead through the next period of change, that would also build on the managers coaching skills.

We devised a practical introduction to Emotional Intelligence, using the Danial Goleman model and picking out the aspects around; emotional self-awareness, emotional management and empathetic connection to support deeper relationships and increased understanding. We chose these aspects of the Daniel Goleman model as they best related to what was going on in the County Council at the current time and would give the most appropriate areas of support for the managers, for their own development and that of their teams.

The workshop covers;

  • Exploration of emotional intelligence
  • The benefits of EI and how it fits with the County Council
  • Emotional Self-Awareness – exploration, strategies to develop your self- awareness
  • Emotional Management – linking it to neuroscience and strategies to develop
  • Empathetic Connection – exploration around empathy and strategies to raise your ability.

Giving individual the opportunity to self-reflect, think about themselves and how they can develop these traits and have strategies to take away to work with their team.


Very lively, engaging day which maintained concentration and interest

Really enjoyed the course, informative and well presented, provided an opportunity to reflect on my own self awareness

Excellent day, very motivational and interactive

Left feeling positive

Very interactive, could easily relate to work and home life, some very useful tools shared

Fab trainer, amazing materials, really positive

Really interesting course that has made me think about my interactions with others

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