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Superbreak and Laterooms were joining together after the recent acquisition of Laterooms by the Cox and Kings Group. The aim was to join the businesses operationally, blend the cultures, which were significantly different, maintain their trading brands as point of differences and develop a new brand that would offer the market place a new solution to UK assisted on line travel destination service all under the umbrella of the Malvern Group. 

Laterooms had previously been part of the TUI group and had found itself on the outside of its core business and Superbreak had a smaller business operating within the Cox and King portfolio of businesses. Each had a distinct culture, there were 2 main locations and operated form a different position of expertise – Laterooms IT led and Superbreak travel led.

Challenge – to develop a culture that would support and develop talent form both organisations that would enable them to expand their involvement across both brands whilst delivering the different customer requirements. 

Natures Coaching joined them on a consultancy and development basis to work in partnership with the HR and Talent team to develop and implement the people strategy and deliver specific aspects of the leadership and management development. 

Work achieved:

  • Development of a 3 year People strategy to support the commercial and operational business plan. Covering 4 main areas with the values wrapping round everything that we did along with the importance of ensuring strategies and policies developed supported staff wellbeing and engagement. We also ensure that we measured the implementation of activities to ensure we were delivering what we had intended.  

The initial piece of work we specifically delivered was the development of the Malvern Group values which was done collaboratively across the 2 organisations. Once these were agreed these were turned into behaviours and were then rolled out through participative workshops for all employees. The values formed the consistency for all other aspects that were developed. Eg they were integrated into the performance management system and HR policies were sense checked against the values to ensure they supported the aspirational behaviours enabling the culture to be developed in a way that reflected the values. They were also integrated into the recruitment process, ensuring new staff were already behaving in a way that supported the values behaviour. 

  • The talent development strategy is shown below

  • Senior  Leadership development Programme

This was a blended approach to their development as it started before the Malvern group was clear on its business strategy, although they were aware that they needed to develop the senior leaders across both the Superbreak and Laterooms businesses. 

Stage 1 – each senior leader completed the Hogan suite of personality profiles and received comprehensive feedback which supported them in developing a personal development plan

Stage 2 – each senior leader received individual coaching 5 sessions (with some individuals having a few more) to support them in dealing with the changes that were occurring in the business and their role within the changing business and their personal development plans.

Stage 3 – this occurred after the business had become clear on the strategy and the roles within the senior leadership team and had also set business objectives for everyone. Each senior leader got a 3-way coaching conversation with their line manager which focused on feedback re their values-based behaviour and where it would be helpful for them to develop, their key objectives going forward and feedback re their leadership style that would might potentially impact on their achievement of their objectives. It also highlighted their key strengths and how the business might benefit from these being used differently and or more of them over the next 12 months. This created a clear focus for each leader’s personal development over the next 8 months. Which was supported with further 1 to 1 coaching. 

  • Board development 

This was a blended approach working on the individual and the team cohesion and dynamics. Each board member received the Hogan report and feedback and was supported with individual coaching. Alongside this the board also received team coaching concentrating on building relationships and trust as they were a new team. 

  • Manager Development Programme

This was a blended approach to their development using on line eLearning, from our eLearning partner Xenonex Academy, and action learning sets. We chose to use action learning sets in-between the eLearning modules for a number of reasons; to develop relationships with managers across the group rather than just in their area/ department or business, to build levels of understanding between managers, to build levels of trust, to give them space to explore the topics from their eLearning and how they might do things differently as a result of their learning, to enable them to have a place to reflect and get support when they were challenged with management aspects. Initially the action learning sets were conducted by Natures Coaching and then we developed members of the talent team to facilitate these sessions. 

  • Leadership and Management Behavioural Competencies 

These were developed to support the business to understand what leadership and management competencies would be required to achieve their strategic vision. These were then going to be developed into a 360-feedback review giving each leader and manager feedback which would enable them to have a clear personal development plan on their leadership / management style and competency. From this further leadership and management development would be designed. 

Competency workshop 1 – feedback conversations 

To support a number of the people strategies we identified individuals needed to be competent and confident in having effective feedback conversations, both informal and formal. We had also picked this aspect up in the engagement survey from staff that they didn’t feel they were getting effective feedback on their performance form their line manager. For managers to be able to have these conversations with their direct reports, their peers and their line managers. Creating a free flowing and immediate feedback climate supporting the value-based behaviour. We designed and co delivered this with the Head of Talent to all senior leaders and managers across the group. 


“This is the first time we have had a people strategy that links everything together rather than us being reactive to situations within the HR team”

“Natures Coaching support and ideas really helped us think differently about our culture and what we were trying to achieve”

“The high-quality coaching really helped raised our senior leaders capability and mindset re the changes” 

“The team from Natures Coaching always got us to think about what we’re doing and understand all perspectives, ultimately helping us make better decisions”

Coaching specific feedback 

“Coaching has challenged me to reflect on feedback I have received at various stages of my career and by focusing on adapting my style in given situations it has enabled me to significantly improve my effectiveness as a leader within our organisation. This has had a positive effect for me personally and overall for the business which is a great outcome. “

“The coaching has helped me to increase my self-awareness, particularly around my blind spots, unhelpful behaviours and thinking styles both in work and in my life outside of work” 

“Great mix of challenge and support! Thank you!! “

“You are a rich listener in the sense you understand, are very sensitive and raise very smart and relevant questions, sometimes challenging but always productive. You have also the talent to use all your experience and the theory in a personal and constructive way which makes the coaching an easy and natural discussion even if we are touching a lot of concepts and theories. You are also a courageous coach, never hesitating to commit yourself, to be transparent and very sincere to challenge deeply but always with a perfect professional touch and approach.” 

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