Transition/Change Coaching

wavesIn the current environment change is constant, to enable organisations and businesses to thrive they need to be ahead of their competitors and reviewing their business.

As an individual either leading the change or being affected by the change we often find this difficult to handle and some time to explore your thoughts and feelings around this will assist your effectiveness in dealing with the change you are facing.

We will help you to explore you personal relationship with the change, understanding what assumptions you may be making and how they affect your relationship with the change. Exploring your alternatives. Working through the skills you need to lead, handle this change and assisting you in developing those skills.

Changing roles either through re structure, promotion, change in role and/or organisation will bring its challenges. Coaching is a great support through this transition to ensure you maximise your impact, adapt your style to suit the new requirements rather then operating and behaving as you always do automatically. We will get you to see things more objectively and help you upskill and change your approach to suit the new position enabling you to maximise your strengths and make a positive impact through the initial stages of the transition.

If leading a change we will help you think it through and develop a plan for the change, bringing independent challenge and support to your ideas and thinking. Enabling you to develop a successful implementation plan. We will support you in telling the story for the change ensuring that others not only intellectually understand the reasons for the change but also emotionally connect with it. Through our excellent understanding of people we will assist you in understanding peoples reactions to change and how you can help them through the changes.

I really enjoyed working with you, thank you, the work we did together was both challenging and enjoyable and worthwhile. Time to think about self in work is very valuable, especially when it isn’t shallow and self indulgent, which you would of course never allow.

Paul Harrison Director of OD Commissioning Board NHS

This process helped me grow into my new role and has given me the belief to grow and consider wider positions should they be offered to me.

Clint Roberson Regional Sales Director Laidlaw