Optimal Resilience Interventions

Optimal Resilience – Summary of Services

Optimal Resilience compromises a suite of services, all with a common purpose of supporting individuals and teams to grow and sustain their levels of resilience and increase their emotional well-being.

Personal resilience and wellbeing services

  • Developing personal resilience & well-being

Open and organisation specific workshops aimed at supporting individual’s :-
Gain understanding and clarity about what resilience is and it’s importance to them.
Learn, and practicably integrate, proven techniques and tools for immediate effect.
Utilising the Optimal model and framework for developing personal resilience, workshops are designed to address the requirements of the participants. Flexible delivery can be facilitated.

  • Coaching for personal resilience

Individual coaching to enhance personal resilience & well-being. The goals of the coaching are two- fold:-
To educate individuals about core elements and approaches underpinning good levels of resilience & well-being
To provide continual support whilst the individual makes committed and sustainable positive behavioural changes.
All our coaches are qualified and have regular supervision, with have significant experience with in the field of resilience and well-being well as coaching.

  • Wellbeing in the workplace

This suite of services is aimed at supporting managers including senior leadership teams address and improve well-being for their people, in the workplace.

  • Managing well-being in the workplace

Aimed at supporting managers develop their ability to improve and manage good workplace well-being. Workshop content includes:
Understanding what good workplace well-being is and it’s importance for overall employee engagement and associated HR indicators
Contemporary models of well-being and best models and practise framework
Well-being assessment and audit tools and techniques
Optimal well-being conversations at work - Guidelines and practise
A range of proven interventions for enhancing individual well-being in the
Support in measuring and sustaining results and impact of internal employee well-
being programmes.

  • Individual well-being and resilience development programme

An integrated approach to supporting groups of individuals within organisations, sustainably improve/grow their overall resilience and well-being. Specific services include:
Diagnostic (Audit), findings and recommendations
A series of individual workshops (half and full day) designed to address the specific areas
highlighted within the diagnostic phase
Individual coaching to enhance embedding of behavioural change
Measuring impact and return on investment
Supporting internal well-being champion/trainer sustain and improve impact (Train the
Sign-posting to strategic allied services

  •  CPD coaching for resilience and well-being

Half day and full day CPD sessions to support internal coaching capability to coach effectively and confidently in this area. All sessions are packed with practical techniques and tools and delivered by highly experienced coaches and subject matter experts.

  • Resilient leadership for managing change, development programme

An innovative and comprehensive programme for organisations who want to support their leaders to lead resiliently. Core modules include:
Understanding of self and building personal resilience and team resilience
Building high quality working relationships – connecting and influencing others
Leading effectively through change
The emotionally intelligent leader
Optimising team working, collaboration and handling difficult conversations
Looking forward – vision setting and planning for action
The programme can be adapted and bespoke modules developed to support he key organisational aspects.

Coaching aimed at supporting individuals with therapeutic themes including high levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Coaches are all suitably qualified and experienced.

Team Resilience Services

  • High Performing and Resilient Teams 

This service is aimed at creating high performing and resilient teams. At the heart of delivery is a team coaching approach which develops trust and an environment in which team members are able to communicate authentically and respectfully with each other. Utilising the Optimal model and framework for developing high performing and resilient teams,
Programme delivery consists of:-
Understanding and assessment of the current team environment
Design and delivery of team coaching sessions, (minimum of 3)
Measurement of impact and results
All team coaching sessions are facilitated by two qualified and experienced team coaches.

  • Managing for high performing and resilient teams

Aimed at developing managers in their ability to proactively develop their teams’ high performance and ensure they manage in a way that helps the team be resilient and deal with change more effectively. The programme consists of:
Explorations of team challenges within the organisation
Understanding the key elements of high performing and resilient teams
Bespoke interventions and strategies to support the specific team challenges

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